Spanish Chrono Cross

Questions et reports de bugs concernant les traductions de Chrono Cross de RPG-T et Terminus Traduction.

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Spanish Chrono Cross

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Hi mens,

I'm a memeber of the Spanish project which intends to translate the Chrono Cross.
The script is 99% finished but we don't know how to translate the dummy parts.
for example:

00008 (L:00748.H:00003)
|\Membre 2\:
|\Maj0\\r3\umo\r1\\ .\\h.\a\s2\\suffixe\\ .\\i.\t...\NE\
|\Maj0\\th1\at\ .\\a \\s1\ta\r1\\ .\\f.\ell\suffixe\\ .\into
|\th1\i\s1\\ .\\o.\cean, a\l.\ong\suffixe\\ .\\w.\i\th3\
|\a \\s1\ta\r1\\ .\ch\i.\ld.\NE\
|Pe\r1\hap\s1\\ .\\th1\at\ .\ch\i.\ld
|i\s2\\ .\a\l.\\i.\ve\suffixe\\ .\\s1\ome\w.\he\r1\e?\Ptr\

00008 (L:00748.H:00003)
|\Membre 2\:
|\Maj0\d'ap\r.\\è.\s\ .\la\ .\r\u.\meur...\NE\
|\Maj0\\une\\ .\étoile\ .\e\s2\t\ .\t\o.\mbée
|d\a.\ns\ .\\c.\\e.\t\ .\o\c.\éan,\ .\a\v.\\e.\c
|\un\\ .\en\f.\\a.\nt\ .\d\e.\s\ .\étoil\e.\s.\NE\
|\Maj0\peut-ê\tr\e\ .\que\ .\\c.\\e.\t\ .\en\f.\\a.\nt\ .\e\s2\t
|t\ou\\j.\\ou\\r.\s\ .\en\ .\\v.\ie\ .\\quelque\-p\a.\\r.\t?\Ptr\

I see that you don't use "\suffixe\"
But you usually have more characters like "/" or "."
Sometimes there are numbers net to "s" or "th"
Could you explain us which is the syntax to translate this?...

Tanks a lot